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What are the current discount codes or offers available for Surya Heating in May 2024 ?

Currently, there are following top discount codes or promotions available for Surya Heating :

Does Surya Heating have discount codes ?

currently, no active Discount codes or promotions available. Still you can browse offers available with Other Stores in this category.

How can I use discount codes and promotions in Surya Heating ?

You can directly refer 'Using our Discount Codes' section in our FAQ page. for the details.

Can I use two different discount codes or promotions at a time in Surya Heating ?

No, You can use one discount code or promotion at a time during check out at stores.

Can I use discount codes or promotions multiple times in Surya Heating ?

Yes, You can use one discount code or promotion multiple times unless specified by the stores. Sometimes stores specify codes is applicable for 'only for new users' or 'once per user'.

About Surya Heating

Surya Heating are a progressive online retailer located in Leicester, UK. We specialise in Infrared Heating – aimed at revolutionising domestic and commercial heating solutions, providing healthier and cheaper heat for everyone!

We pride ourselves on providing high quality and sleek IR Heating Panels at affordable prices. Added to that we offer free delivery on every order along with a 5-year warranty on all heaters!

What Do Surya Heating Sell?

Surya Heating specialise in Infrared Heating – which is a game changer!

Standard heating works by warming up the air, so when we walk into a room, we feel the heat because of the air.

Infrared heating works differently – instead of heating up the air, it heats up objects instead. This could be a piece of furniture, a wall, even you! The result is a far more direct, natural and comfortable heat that lowers electricity bills.

To top it off, they look so much better than standard radiators, which have to be placed along the floor to maximise the heat they give out. But because infrared panels fire IR waves throughout a room, they can be placed far higher up on the wall, eliminating dead space allowing for more freedom when arranging a room.

The icing on the cake? Our IR panels can be printed on, helping add a personal touch to the décor in a room!

Why Shop With Surya Heating?

Premium Quality – our panels are sourced from the best manufacturers that we’ve been working with for years now, and our Image and Custom Image IR Panels are assembled right here in the UK. Needless to say, we have honed and refined our product to the highest quality, with our NXT Gen range providing an all-in-one heating solution straight out of the box.

Affordable Prices – we offer some of the most competitive pricing in the infrared heating market, whilst delivering premium quality at the same time. Customers are free to give us a ring or email in and receive free quotations for their home, along with a dedicated graphics team on hand to help customers every step of the way when picking an image to have printed on their panel.

Speedy Delivery – when customers pay for a premium product and top service, the least we can do is cover the cost of postage. Customers can expect to have their heaters within 2-3 days, or if they prefer, we have a next day service available for £5.99, though this isn’t available on image or custom image panels.