Privacy Policy


SSD FASHION who operates and manages Vouchers4free is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy with regard to the data collect from you or that you provide to us. We request you to go through the policy carefully and understand our views and practices to deal with your data . Further you can contact us through our ‘contact us’ page for any grievances.

1. The Personal data we collect from you

Data is collected from users for listing relevantlisting and offers for them . We may collect and process the following types ofpersonal data from you:

1.1  We maycollect certain information  name, Emailaddress, zip codes, Mobile numbers, user name, birth date, age, genderetc.  for registration purpose

1.2 Other information  such as about yourcomputer or mobile device, including your device identifier , IP address,operating system and browser type are collected.

1.3 Information collected from social media interactions if any. Yourinterest in  brands and the types ofoffers.

1.4  Alltransactional data while visiting and using our website like details of yourvisits  or using our mobileapplication  or emails sent to you forany purpose including the offers , rewards , traffic data and  the resources accessed by you. FurtherLocation information may be collected while using mobile app.

1.4 We do not encourage and collect any  data about your  race or ethnicity, religious or philosophicalbeliefs, sex life, sexual orientation, political opinions,  your health and genetic and biometric data ,any information about criminal convictions and offences.

1.5 We collect the above data Directly from youby email, phone, the Website, App or your submission  of forms on the Website or App , your sharingof voucher codes or other promotion, Through contact us Page, our surveys ifany , any other interaction with our services.

1.6 We may collect data automatically by usingcookies (including third parties cookies), tags and similar  technologies while your interaction with theWebsite, App and Emails.

1.7 Any Content or applications appearing on thewebsite which are managed by third parties may collect data by using cookies orsimilar technologies . We do not control how these third parties trackingtechnologies operate or how they may use the collected data.


You can read about your choices in respect ofthese, including how you can opt out of receiving targeted advertising frommany providers below in the “Your rights and choices” section.

2. Using your personal data

We will use your personal data with utmost casewhen the law permits . We may use the personal data   in the following ways :

2.1 The content from our website is presentedmost efficient way irrespective of devices and browsers.

2.2 We establish effective communication to provideyou with information, products or services that you request from us time totime or which you may be interested.

2.3 We encourage and allow you to participate insurveys and interactive features of our service and notify you for any changesto our service.

2.4 We customize our services according yourfeedback and interests considering your preferences. This is statistical dataabout our users’ actions and patterns and thereby to estimate our user size andusage pattern.

2.5 We know insights about the nature of our userand how they interact with our products and services.

2.6 We may provide you location-based services consideringyour frequency of use of the location.

2.7 We prevent potential fraudulent or otheractivity in breach of our terms.

2.8 With reference to 1.7 Third parties may usethe data to provide you with interest-based advertising or other targetedcontent.

3. Disclosing your personal data

While disclosing your data we follow certain setof rules defined in section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006. We may discloseyour personal data with our Subsidiaries ,our group companies. 

We may share data with external third partiessuch as Internet Service providers, email service providers, location services,SMS service providers, affiliates, affiliate advertiser , Promotional Merchantsetc. due to internal dependency .

We may share information to Lawyers, insurers,bankers, auditors whose services are sought in certain circumstances. 

Under any circumstance we may sell, transfer, ormerge parts of our business or whole business or we may take over otherbusinesses  , The New buyers / Sellers mayuse your data in the same way as defined in this privacy notice.

However, we don’t allow our third party serviceproviders to use your personal data for their own purposes and rather allowthem to process the data as per our instruction for specified purposes only

We share data with third party promotionalactions only in case the terms are agreed by you

We never use your personal data for generating anyautomated decisions that would have a significant impact on you.

4. Duration ofkeeping your data

We regularly remove your personal data in caseyou don’t interact with the website, App or email for more than 24 months , Howeveryour location data is removed after 6 months from creation. We take up theroutine process every 3 months and remove the data satisfying the aboveconditions. We further review the retention period of the data every year forcontinual improvement.

5. Mailings and Subscriptions

With your consent we send emails or SMS regardingour latest products or services, vouchers /coupon codes, deals and promotion oranything we think may interest you.

You can subscribe to our newsletter by using ‘subscribe ’ link . Bysubscribing us you are giving you consent to receive newsletter or anyformation we feel may interest you.

You may withdraw your consent for the same (i.e.unsubscribe) at any time either click the “Unsubscribe” link in theemails or contact us though ‘Contact Us’ page. We take maximum two working daysfor the same to be effective.

6. Your rights

At Vouchers4free we respect your rights and youare free to decide what kind of data you want to share or you want to receivefrom us. You have the following rights.

6.1 You may request us to access your personaldata available with us. You may also request for correction of those data. Wemay need to verify the accuracy and completeness in case of data correctionrequest.  

6.2 You may request to remove your personal datain case you have any objections to use your data. If in any circumstances wewon’t be able to comply with your request for any specific legal reasons whichwill override your rights, will be notified to you.

6.3 You may withdraw your consent for sharingyour personal data at any time by unchecking any boxes provided for thecollection of data in the website.

6.4 You may refuse to accept cookies or similartechnologies by activating the relevant setting on your browser or your mobiledevice. In that case you are not able to use our services effectively.

6.5 You can deny the location sharing while usingour APP by changing setting in your mobile. In that case you may not be able toaccess some features of our services.

6.6 You can unsubscribe from receiving ournewsletter by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ link in our emails.

6.7 You can manage the sharing of certainpersonal data when you register with us through a social media platform orapplication, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. ,however you can adjust setting inthe social media platform as per your understanding. In that case Social mediaterms are applicable.  

7. Contact andcomplaints

You can contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ pagefor any further queries or assistance regarding any services . You can alsowrite to us through this page for any type of complaints/Suggestions. We willbe happy to address your concerns.

8. Changesto this Privacy Policy

We are continually reviewing our policies and anychanges to this effect will be notified you through the website.

This privacy Policy was last updated on 30th September 2019.