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How to visit London on a budget ? London is one of those cities that is on the travel list of many people. Being one of the cultural and historical centers of Europe, its value among the traveler’s remains etched forever. But the city is also one of the economic centers of the world and therefore, has huge costs on the services it provides both to the residents and the tourists. However, there are certain travelers that are limited on their budgets, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t explore London fully. Here are some tips that can help them in exploring the city within a limited budget.

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It hardly matters wherever you go; every nook and corner of UK reflects the best of historical architecture, war relics and timeless art and galleries. There’s so much to visit in this country that it might leave you confused that what you should visit and what not, in your limited holiday plan. Here are a few places that you should visit when you go to UK.

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