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How to destress for less? :At some point in your life you might have gone through stress. It has now become a common problem because of the hectic work schedules. Not dealing with stress at the right time can cause several health issues. Thus, it is suggested to plan out an effective way to destress yourself and lead a happy life. Here are some tips that you can follow to reduce your stress.

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Happy Parenting : I just feel nowadays, we need to change our parenting skills. Children of new generation are not the same as the previous generation. You just must take the values and ethics from the ancient times and put it into your child in a different pattern. Let me tell you what I feel about the modern-day parenting.


If I would share my experience with you, I have a 15-year-old daughter. She has so many friends but still I’ve managed to become her best friend and she managed to become mine. I’ve started competing with her in learning the answers/ reading the chapters. I go shopping with her, chit chat a little with her, talk about my school times with her and trust me she enjoys a lot and so do I.


Even if it’s late, I realised that the best way to know in and out about your child is becoming his/her best friend.


Use your intuition to raise your child. I would like to tell you that there are no fixed rules or steps which are needed to be followed in parenting. Every individual is a different parent and so is every child. Tailor your parenting techniques keeping in mind, both, what suits you and what your child needs. Keep your child’s interest in mind but stay alert and very careful not to fall in the trap of helicopter parenting.

Make some time everyday to spend with your little one. It can be anywhere, like in your bedroom, parks, beaches and have a conversation with him/her. I personally feel this is a master tip among all the tips. By communicating, you get to know your child much better in many ways. I make sure to take my daughter to a park daily and we sit there for almost 30 to 45 minutes. We have conversations regarding her friends, teachers, sports, latest trends, etc. which is again so much fun to do.


Those 30 mins are the most relaxing ones in my entire day. You can also make this time very productive by teaching her values, ethics, manners, difference between wrong and right, discipline, respect etc. If my daughter does something wrong or behaves in an inappropriate manner, this time becomes the perfect time for me to make her understand and realise about her mistake. Yelling and shouting at their mistakes doesn’t work these days.


Now this is again a very big mistake which we as parents make. It’s high time to understand that every child is meant differently, has inherited different traits and qualities of different parents. Latest studies have proved it that comparing your child leaves a bad impact on him/her. Let me share a story of my neighbour Shamita and her daughter Diya.

Diya and one of her cousins were preparing for an IIT entrance test. Unfortunately, Diya could not clear it even after 2 attempts, but her cousin did it at once. Her parents started comparing her with her cousin. Their every conversation would end up comparing both the kids. As a result, Diya went into depression, and totally lost herself confidence. She became very unconfident about her decisions. She required a medical help to recover from that phase of her life.

We as parents always want the best to happen in our child’s life, but this method of comparing children is clearly not working nowadays because the repercussions are very bad. Nowadays, it has become the most dangerous step towards raising a child.


My daughter loves it when I give her a hug or cuddle her. She respects me to another level, and this is what makes our bond so strong. Being a child, he/she cannot understand your feelings without being expressed. His/her mind is not yet developed much to understand the unexpressed thing. As a result, he/she will not be aware of your love for your child (regardless of how deeply you love him/her)

Parenting is not such a small topic to be discussed, rather, it is a very huge and important chapter in our lives which needs to be discussed in a huge crowd. The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it difficult. But keeping your precious time in mind, I would like to end this conversation here. Hope it becomes a helpful and useful content for you all. And last but not the least, I want to wish you “HAPPY PARENTING”. Author – Ritisha Jain


10 things you can do to reduce stress. With increasing competitions and challenges in life, we don’t realize the amount of stress we put on ourselves. The constant running to achieve something or the other all the time puts a lot of pressure on us. But if we are not careful, too much strain on us can lead to major physical and mental health issues for us. So, it’s important that we learn to release our stress from time to time by doing some small remedies.

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Let’s first talk about true self. So, what is the actual meaning of true self?

The true self is the core of you, the original you, unshaped by upbringing or society. This is the state you were born in and it is the state that still exists inside you. I know you might be thinking that does it means that we have to regress back to our childhood. If you think so, then the answer is NO!

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