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Smartphone usage and its impact on life

Environment, Life Style, Technology


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Smartphone usage and its impact on life is an excellent idea to talk about. None can imagine life without smartphone. Smartphone is a part of our daily life now-days. People start their days with smartphone and end with smartphone. Yes, smartphone make life somehow easy. Smartphone is essential in to-days digital age . Pay utility bills, online booking, Fund transfer, Voice calling through smartphone becomes very easy. Now-a-days we can easily reach any destination through GPS using smartphone.

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Construction vs Destruction



construction vs destruction

Construction vs destruction is a debatable subject due to its impact on climate change. When wide road and gigantic constructions going on then we can see demolition of trees and hills, which force us to think about environment destruction. Big construction demolishes forest and trees. The N.G.O and other environment protector come to the ground and start protesting against demolitions.

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